You learned how to market yourself and landed a job interview with a thriving practice.  You shook hands, smiled, and had a great conversation — but your work isn’t over yet!

Physician jobs are competitive, so once your interview is done, there are still 3 things you need to do:


Send a thank you note to everyone who attended your interview

This shows you value everyone’s time.  More importantly, it shows that you’re willing to go above and beyond.

And, as an added benefit, a quick note gives you a chance to showcase your skills once again.  For example, ending the note with something like, “Speaking to you in person reinforced that I’m a great fit for this position because of X, Y, Z,” can help the practice choose you if they’re torn between a couple of applicants.


Go over everything in your head

As much as you want to impress a potential employer, they also have to impress you!  Review all of the information you received during the interview — both verbally and in writing — and decide if the opportunity still seems like a good one.  Think back to the people you spoke with, and decide if you’d like to work alongside them day in and day out.


Consider sending a formal acceptance/declination letter

Yes, this will take you more time than simply picking up the phone and informing the practice of your decision.  However, in the long run, it can be very worthwhile!  If you’re accepting the job, this letter can put the details of your hire — like the salary, benefits, and any other terms you agreed to informally — in writing so that everyone is on the same page.  Or, if you’re turning the job down, a formal letter makes you look more professional — something that may come in handy later!