Working as a family medicine physician can be incredibly rewarding.  After all, you get to treat people of all ages, and you get to build ongoing relationships with them.  You’re the first one they turn to when something’s wrong, and you’re not pigeon-holed into treating one specific ailment or issue.

Think that sounds great?  If you get a family medicine job in Florida, the perks skyrocket!

Here’s why:

The weather is awesome

Even if you don’t live right on the beach, you’ll get to enjoy warm temperatures and cool ocean breezes all year long.  While your friends are shoveling snow, you’ll be riding around in your convertible.  You’ll get to live where everyone else goes on vacation!


You can have more money

Depending on where you live, state income taxes can eat up anywhere from 2% to 13% of your salary.  If you’d rather keep that money in your pocket, head to Florida, where there’s no state income tax.

You’ll also make more money in Florida than you would in other places because the average family medicine salaries here are higher than the national average.  Between skipping the state income taxes and having a higher salary, you’ll have plenty of money to enjoy everything that the Sunshine State has to offer!


There are cities of every shape and size

Love the hustle and bustle of a big city?  Get a family medicine physician job in Miami, Tampa, or Orlando.  Or, if you’d rather enjoy a quieter, simpler life, look for a job in Florida’s long list of smaller cities, like Naples, Daytona Beach, or Ocala.

Even if you want to be associated with a university, you’ll be able to pick a city size that suits you.  For example, you can work at the University of Miami, or you can pursue opportunities in smaller cities like Tallahassee (Florida State University) or Gainesville (The University of