Finding the right physician job, for many, is not an easy task. For physicians, the task is rather daunting. Not only do they have to find a reputable employer, they need to ensure that they offer good remuneration, time off and high chances of career progression. More often than not, this may be difficult to find, or is it? For a physician looking for a great job, here is a list of 5 great job search channels.

1 – Physician Recruiter

Quite literally the easiest way to find the perfect job is to work with a physician recruiter. Physician recruiters house literally thousands of jobs for physicians all around the country. They help physicians find and discover jobs based on their provided preferences. Most physician recruiters will aid physicians in their quest for a great job while at the same build a report with them so that they can better understand the needs of both the doctor and their family.  Working with a physician recruiter that specializes in a location or state can also be beneficial.  They will have a working knowledge of the area and the clients they represent.

2 – Attend CME Conferences

A number of medical conferences offer physicians a great way to network and find valuable information. CME conferences, or continuing medical education conferences, offer physicians a lot more than just information. It is a great place for physicians to network and find a great job. Moreover, plenty of physician recruiters from all over the country visit these conferences trying to find great physicians. As such, you may want to bring your curriculum vitae along with you.

3 – Online Network

For physicians trying to find a job, the internet may be a great place to look. Home to literally billions of different websites, each offering a unique experience, physicians can find a number of different jobs that may suit them. As such, it pays – literally – to join social media pages, forums and job recruitment websites.

4 – Ask Around

Physicians may want to ask friends or colleagues when looking for jobs. While it may not provide a large list of available jobs, the chance of acquiring a job is high. This is because the people asked are likely to recommend the physicians they want to help.

5 – Visit your Medical College

More often than not, many physicians rarely visit the medical college they graduated from. While it may be understandable considering the reduced free time, physicians may actually be missing out on an opportunity. This is because medical colleges have an extensive network.

For physicians trying to find a great physician job, there are plenty of channels available. The 5 listed above serve as the most common and successful channels today. As such, it pays- literally – to make full use of them.