When it comes to social media, looking for physician jobs is no different from looking for any other type of job.  If you want to make your job search as comprehensive as possible, you’ve got to throw social media into the mix!

Here’s why:

Because you’ll probably be expected to use it if you get hired

According to a September 2014 study by Kantar Media, 34% of physicians use consumer social networks (like Facebook or Twitter, as opposed to doctor-only social sites) for professional purposes.  And, according to research done by The Spark Report, 60% of doctors say that social media improves the quality of patient care.  By proving that you’re proficient at social media during your job search, your future employer can rest easy knowing you won’t have trouble adapting to their social media practices once you’re hired.


Because it’s an easy way to showcase your abilities

Yes, you’ll still need a traditional resume, but LinkedIn allows you to kick your resume up a notch.  Specifically, you can use both text and images to highlight certain accomplishments and dig deeper into your career path than you can with a regular ol’ resume.


Because the networking possibilities are endless

Whether you join some professional physician groups on LinkedIn and Facebook or participate in Twitter discussions, you’ll have access to a wide variety of other physicians.  Don’t think other doctors are looking that carefully at what you’re saying online?  Think again!  According to Publicis Healthware International, 60% of physicians say their most popular social media activity is following what their colleagues are sharing and discussing.  As a result, if your resume ever ends up on one of these doctors’ desks, you’ll have a much better chance at getting to the top of the pile.