How Does Social Media Affect Your Job Search?

When it comes to social media, looking for physician jobs is no different from looking for any other type of job.  If you want to make your job search as comprehensive as possible, you’ve got to throw social media into the mix!

Here’s why:

Because you’ll probably be expected to use it if you get hired

According to […]

The Hospitalist Schedule – Which is best for you?

As a physician recruiter, I have the privilege of speaking with hospitalists daily. Many of these hospitalists are graduating residents who are new to the job search and others are experienced hospitalists looking for a career change. In either case, a work/life balance is often the most important factor to them.

Inevitably, this topic of conversation […]

Finding the Perfect Physician Job – 5 Ways to Acquire Medical Bliss

Finding the right physician job, for many, is not an easy task. For physicians, the task is rather daunting. Not only do they have to find a reputable employer, they need to ensure that they offer good remuneration, time off and high chances of career progression. More often than not, this may be difficult to […]

Family Physicians – Do you have what it Takes?

General physicians deal with a wide range of older patients, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of medical problems. Family physicians are essentially physicians who deal specifically with families; patients of all ages. Interestingly, becoming a reputable and unique family physician is not an easy task. Here is a look at 5 […]

3 Reasons to Work in Family Medicine in Florida

Working as a family medicine physician can be incredibly rewarding.  After all, you get to treat people of all ages, and you get to build ongoing relationships with them.  You’re the first one they turn to when something’s wrong, and you’re not pigeon-holed into treating one specific ailment or issue.

Think that sounds great?  If you […]

Physician Central – What’s your Specialty?

If you are becoming a physician, or already are, chances are that you are looking for a good specialty. More often than not, plenty of physicians are stumped as to which specialty is right for them. This is usually due to a lack of information. As such, here is a closer look at some of […]

How to Choose the Right Medical Job

For most, becoming a physician is a dream come true. With the right abilities, knowledge and skills, you can find a myriad of jobs as a physician. Unfortunately, many physicians are unaware of what the right medical job is. As such, we are going to take a closer look at what you should look forward […]

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…Choosing a Subspecialty

Pondering the idea of a subspecialty can be a rather daunting task.  Many residents considering a subspecialty often times face similar circumstances.  The practice dynamics, employment opportunities and often times, lifestyle and cultural may have an influence on a resident choosing a subspecialty.

The following are 3 areas to consider when choosing a subspecialty.

Clinical Rotations/Interests

One of […]

Are you Ready to be a Cardiologist?

After graduating from medical school, physicians can practice a number of different subspecialties. One that truly shines is cardiology. As interesting as it may be, it is not the easiest subspecialty to specialize in, nor is being a cardiologist easy. For physicians who want to acquire a job as a cardiologist, here is a closer […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Florida Family Practice Job

If you’re thinking about searching for a Florida family practice job, you’re on the verge of making a smart move!  That’s because there are 4 very good reasons to get a family practice job here:


Your services are really needed

Florida is facing a major doctor shortage.  By 2025, it’s estimated that the Sunshine State will be […]

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