What easy step can you take to obtain your dream job? Knock the onsite interview out of the park! Being invited to an onsite interview will allow you the ability to shine in front of your potential employer. It also allows them to see how you handle yourself in front of your potential team. With a first-hand encounter of an onsite visit, you will be able to make an informed and practical decision if you were to be presented with an offer. By following these simple tips, you will be able to amplify an onsite visit and increase the chance of an employment offer.

Gather Information but Remember to Sell Yourself

The main reason behind an onsite visit is for you to obtain an employment offer; the end goal is not to see if this is a facility in which you want to work, declining a job offer is much easier than obtaining one. The focus of this visit is to obtain as much information necessary pertaining to the team, the practice, and your potential community. This is your one and only opportunity to see the practice in action, as well as their communication style. Devote some quality time engaging within the community as well as the individuals with whom you will be working alongside. The more insight you gather, the easier your decision will be.

Make a Good First Impression

Enter this onsite opportunity as you would a large-scale interview. Excelling at the one-on-one interview session is just a small portion of the process. Don’t let your guard down when you are presented with a social engagement. As the old antige goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Knowing that you will be on display and analyzed during this entire encounter with your recruiter, point of contact, and team, will keep you on your toes and help assist with any indiscretion you may portray. Any encounter you have with individuals in which you meet may be personal assessments, so treat them with the utmost respect as this will go a long way during the final phase.


Show Your Interest (only if you’re interested)

You’re coming to the interview end; it’s been a long day. If you recall at the beginning of this process, it was to obtain a job offer so why not ask for one! Or at the very least let them know you’re interested and want to make a decision soon. It will portray a high level of optimism and interest while displaying gratitude for the site visit. You have nothing to decide upon if they don’t offer you the job. Be enthusiastic and proactive in joining the team, if the opportunity is a good fit, as this will put you in a great position to negotiate finer details if not every single detail that you feel will be beneficial.

Finalize your interview by expressing your gratitude. These individuals dedicated their time and energy by providing you with a firsthand encounter of their organization’s daily routines and functionalities. They took the time and effort to answer your questions collectively and efficiently. You know their time is valuable so relaying to them your appreciation will not only show sincerity but will provide a personal touch, exuding a courteous and considerate candidate.