Physicians are among the most difficult candidates to recruit. The healthcare industry, in general, is so impacted with competition that in many cases it can take months to fulfill a position.

So how can you stay competitive? Here are some ideas to enhance your recruitment brand while retaining top talent and still decrease the amount of time it takes to satisfy these open positions.

Reevaluate Compensation 

Competitive compensation is a challenging when presenting an offer to a potential candidate. Bypassing the red tape can pose quite the issue, but the fact remains that it is a major motivator for physician consummation and potential physician relocation. If your salaries are not up to par, a conversation with the financial decision-maker at your organization might need to be implemented. Earning and preserving top talent might be as unassuming as increasing your compensation by just a small amount.

Company Culture and Perks
 go a Long Way

The old saying, “it’s not all about money,” rings true. Compensation is a key factor, so is workplace culture and perks. Motivating your employees via the following ways are huge incentives:

Flexible work schedules permit physicians to appreciate their life outside of work. In relation to other professions, physicians are unable to work from home but negotiating this option might open the physician up to wanting to work longer shifts, which allows them to take advantage of longer vacations with their families hence avoiding physician burnout.

Including the medical staff when implementing new policies and procedures will provide them the satisfaction that they are part of the branding when it comes to the hospital’s future. Including their valuable contributions allows them to feel that their input was well-received and benefits the bigger picture when it comes to the medical staff in its entirety.

Team acknowledgment is an invaluable asset when it comes to career satisfaction. Promoting positive achievements or recognizing someone personally are all beneficial ways that should be shared during any available opportunity. This allows individuals to know how proud you are to have them as a part of your staff. A hand shake recognizing “a job well-done” can mean the difference between a long-term career at your hospital or a pair of important shoes that need filling.

Having healthy options available leads to a healthy sense-of-self. Ensure that your physicians know that they are well taken care of through these outlets. Offering after-hour yoga sessions, gym memberships, or Fun-runs are various ways to get your team involved with each other while enhancing company comradery.

Institute Inbound Marketing

The healthcare recruitment market will continue to remain competitive but if you stay diligent when it comes to your marketing techniques, you will be able to surpass your competition. Inbound marketing will continue to build awareness to your brand which builds industry relationships while keeping you relevant in the healthcare sector. Make sure you are taking advantage of the various marketing tactics that have proven to be effective during the recruiting process.

Acquiring top-notch talent is a process that is intertwined with multiple advancements. If you want to stay competitive, constant analysis and adjustments will have to be made consistently.