Young physicians who are hoping to start their practice and currently exploring career opportunities must be able to know the differences between existing models of physician compensation. Understanding how each of these compensation models works will help you assess which of your job options fit the best with your short-term and long-term professional objectives and […]

10 Popular Physician Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

If you’re a physician who is looking to explore career opportunities to advance your medical practice, you should know that there are a lot of challenges involved when it comes to getting hired in the medical field.  While preparing an impressive resume and a persuasive cover letter can get your foot in the […]

How to Streamline the Physician Hiring Process

The hiring process for physicians is terribly convoluted and can be overwhelming whether it’s your first time around, or you’re re-entering the job market after taking a long hiatus, or you’re administering the hiring process yourself to increase your staff. Fortunately, you don’t need to be intimidated, especially since the complexities of the medical profession […]

Google for Jobs: What it Means for Physician Job Searches

Google, a term almost synonymous with online search, has recently turned their attention to the issues that surround job searches in hopes they can bring relief to both job searchers and employers alike. For far too long people searching for a new position have been forced to search multiple sites, for hours on end, only […]

What Physicians Are Really Looking For In A Position?

Finding quality physicians is not an easy task. Trust me I know. At a minimum, you have to post the position, perhaps pay to have it advertised where it can be seen, review all the resumes, schedule interviews, conduct interviews, put together offers, negotiate terms and onboard the new physician, and that just scratches the […]

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