How Millennials are Finding Their Niche in the Healthcare Industry

There is no way around it, Millennials are slowing taking over the workforce, one industry at a time. With the latest and greatest technological advances, there’s no denying that the tastes and expectations of this new generation will have a huge impact on how we care for tomorrow’s patients. With Millennials making up the greatest […]

Retirement Not an Option? Consider These 4 Physician Opportunities

If you can’t afford to retire yet, or you simply don’t want to give up your work entirely, these 4 opportunities can be the perfect way to pull back:


The term “locum” is a fancy way of describing physicians who only work on a temporary basis – like when a hospital is short-staffed or when a […]

Patient Satisfaction and the Emergency Department

As a father of two young children and a wife who was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder, I have spent my fair share of time in the emergency room.  My experience, for the most part, has been quite pleasant; however, I am reminded that the occasional hiccups do occur and more often than not […]

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