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Physician Recruiting and Healthcare Job Opportunities

For healthcare groups, clinics, medical organizations, hospitals or any other institutions interested in physician recruiting, Medical Consultants of America can provide numerous viable opportunities for hiring Florida practitioners belonging to an impressive range of different fields.

With the services we provide based on your specific requests and the information you provide us about the requirements and approach of your healthcare group, we can filter through an extensive database of people looking for physician recruiters in the state of Florida.

Our Approach to Physician Recruiting

Even though MCA has been in the physician recruitment business for more than 26 years, we are in no way outdated. Fast and proficient, our team of recruiters are also extremely thorough in evaluating the profiles of all our clients and making practical decisions regarding the placement of their requests.

Our professional approach to finding the most reputable members of the Florida medical community and assisting health organizations in the selection process is up to par with the highest standards in the medical industry, as a result of almost three decades spent fine tuning our services.

Physician Recruitment Services

As the leading recruitment and job search experts in the state of Florida, our company definitely knows a thing or two about what both physicians looking for a job and healthcare groups or organizations in need of a medical staff would actually need.

The actual physician recruiting and Florida job searching services we provide include the following:

  • Consultancy services to help medical groups find both beginner and experienced medical practitioners;
  • Help and assistance for obtaining Florida physician licenses and keeping in close contact with the Department for Professional Regulation;
  • Opportunities for physician recruiters to hire the best practitioners belonging to their respective fields – including physician, internal medicine, hospitalist, pulmonary critical care and endocrinology jobs;
  • A personalized filtering process designed to select only the most suitable candidates for physician jobs in Florida;
  • Assistance with locating Florida medical practitioners based on geographic data and other details relevant to the recruitment and placement of the candidate in question.
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We are here to provide consulting services and guide you on making the best possible decision regarding the future of your healthcare practice and organization.

If you’re interested in the very best physician recruiting services, and you are a provider of physician jobs in Florida, please feel free to submit your requests, providing us with valid information about yourself and/or your organization, as well as the specifics of the people you want as part of your new medical staff and the specific skills, level of experience and field of expertise that you’re interested in.

You will find that working with Medical Consultants of America will provide you with an impressive, as well as overall pleasant experience. With our extensive knowledge in physician recruiting, and having worked with an extremely large number of medical organizations throughout the past two decades, we are definitely no strangers to the Florida market or to any of the requests you may have.

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